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Harry (yrrah) is the person who back closer to the year 2000 inspired me to try stretching out to 100 yards. Started with the 90fpe 707, worked down to 20fpe .177’s then discovered the joy’s of 110(+) yard 12fpe .177 shooting. I would not take a hunting shot with 12fpe at over 100 but it is good practice and fun.
 IF it suits your style & experience the marauder trigger will go down to ounces safely.
To be able to take advantage of that trigger the torsion spring (which was NOT installed on the 1st 100 marauders with “match” triggers) needs to be removed:

And always check for safe operation when working on any trigger. Mine is right at 16oz and will not discharge when beating the butt on the floor or slapping it about the head and neck, so to speak.

Good shooting, keep up the practice.