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“MosesM”Have to admit I don’t care for the new format. Over on that “other” forum I’ve learned a lot about springers, even though I don’t want to own one, just by checking out threads that have titles that didn’t exactly tell me what I was getting into.
Also, maybe I’m not in the market for a new scope or other accessory but a thread raving about a particular item convinces me I need it.  With this new format, I’m not going to be checking out the optics or accessory forum and I’ll never know the product exists.
Sorry, I think it’s a move in the wrong direction.

Moses in PA


Thank you Moses that is exactly how I feel.  Seeing all types of different posting that have been done on a variety of subjects on airguns is what I like to see. The need to go to different categories as now limits what I am exposed to.

Look at it this way, For example, You have no interest in reading about Springers, Scopes, Target shooting, pellets, filling options, cameras and accessories.

Not true at all, I have interest in reading all different post not only just for the fun of it, but to also aid in any way I can with help or my 2 cents.

Than one day you get an interest in scopes, you can go and spend lots of time in that section and find everything you might wanna read about in a compact spot without distractions.

If I have no interest in a scope today then I might miss the question that a person posted with something I can reply with to be of help. That is the fun of a forum.

It only makes sense to have specialized sections, so you can find what you need or interests you easier.

That is exactly what the search engine is for. If I wanted to see specialized items then using the correct word or words in the search engine would bring up all the reading matter on that subject.

You also seem to have a problem with the idea of a 2 way street. All you thoughts are directed towards your enjoyment in reading.

I would rather include in my reading the desire to help others in as many ways as I can by replying to their post. And I also just like seeing other people display their projects that they are working on. A lot of great works come out of the different post that I have enjoyed reading showing the skills of different people. With the forum split up with so many different categories it is much easier to miss a lot of good reading.

I do not need the different categories being pushed on me, I can sort it out. And quite frankly that was part of the fun of how the forum was. The idea of here it is guys, you don’t need big brother to sort it out for you, have fun reading what you want.

As far as the pages flipping to fast. My double post which got locked is still in the middle of the first page of General Airgunning. Which is 3 days old.

A mistake is really only a mistake until when you have been shown it, and then you do nothing about it.