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I’ve owned two Air Rangers, and their quality is superb.

However, bear in mind they have no regulator.  Their vaunted “Harper” valve is nothing more than a no bounce hammer design.  It does not produce miracle shot counts.

Being unregulated, it is somewhat of an air hog.  Mine had a 400 cc tank and it got half the shot count as my regulated bullpups with a bit over half the Air Ranger’s air capacity.  Be certain you have an adequate air supply for a big gun like this.

Further, it is the biggest pcp I ever owned.  Not particularly heavy, but very long and broad in it’s features.  Not a gun to carry around a great deal.  Cetainly not a gun for a woman or a smaller man.  I’m 5′ 9″, 185 lbs and it was all I wanted to handle, and certainly not a gun I would take into the field to hunt with.  It begs for a bi-pod to steady that muzzle way down at the end of that long barrel.

I loved the looks, design and high quality…but it just felt “too big” for me to enjoy.