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If you sighted in at 25 yards then you have to holdunder or holdover at all other yardages except your second zero.  I like to set my first zero at 15 yards and with the Nitro Piston your second zero should be around 35 yards then the pellet is dropping from that point on.   You need a range finder to improve your accuracy and you need to map your gun in for the different yardages.  Check out my NP2 accuracy video on youtube.   You need to map your holdunder or holdover for the gun every 5 yards out to however far you want to shoot accurately and keep that handy for reference (I tape mine on the stock). It helps to have a scope with military dots for reference.   I also suggest that you use some shooting sticks while practicing and hunting and make sure you rest the gun in the same spot each time for repeatable accuracy.    You can find good range finders for around $100 nowadays.   I really like the Primos Trigger Stick Jim Shockey Gen 2 tall Tri-Pod edition for the best accuracy while hunting.  You can use it sitting or standing.   Get your gun’s yardages mapped in and you will be ready to drop them at all yardages.