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“Nomadic Pirate”

“Reaperdeuce”My p-12

made a 80 yard headshot on a starling with it ;)

Reaper, you forgot to mention that you made that shot without the stock, just by holding the bare action,
btw wasn’t
 that 72 yards just a few months ago ?
and you need tell the forum dwellers how your P-12 goes from being a 30 FPE gun with JSB to a 60+ FPE gun just by using .22 LR ammo,….no wander it’s your favorite That’s a magical gun ;)

Oh hi manny how’s life been treating you

heard your a FX fanboy now? Tell the forum dwellers how you use to rip on them all the time ;)
C’mon guys, lets keep it clean. Patrick if you’ve got a .22 caliber P-12 shooting 60+FPE I’m sure some other member would like to hear what you did to accomplish this. 

It was more like 70fpe. The usual suspects gave me a hard time about it. it was all true and actual chorny numbers. 

Alright, that’s enough. The link you provided certainly didn’t prove a damn thing…except that it’s disgusting how you talk to people. Patrick you certainly have made a name for yourself on the other forums. Be warned that you are on our radar, tread lightly if you want to stick around.

I don’t want to see any more comments to or from Patrick regarding his .22 caliber 70FPE P12 in this thread.


I disgust you ? Why because I was ripping on your broke back bush wookie brother ?

Congratulations Patrick! You just bought yourself a one way ticket off this forum. We will not tolerate abusive language.