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Excellent ! I just got mine. I am shooting 16 and 18 gr. JSBs on Medium and hi power setting. I figure since most of my shooting is on medium power, I have gotten 250 plus shots on what I am sure is a 500 cc bottle. Hi power, I’m told about 120 shots per fill. I have gone through an entire tin and started another and have filled the gun twice. The velocities I am getting are…..16 gr medium power….708 fps, hi power……939. The 18 gr pellets are moving at …..676 on medium and 879 fps on hi power. It seems to like the 18  gr. pellets best. 

The gun is amazingly accurate and fun to shoot since everything is adjustable. It’s so much fun watching the pellets disappear into a single ragged hole at 25 yards. at 50 yards, a 1/2 in swinger target just gets boring. Yesterday, for fun, I hung a chicken liver at 25 yards and splatted quite a few flies before the wind picked up. I looked at many rifles before choosing this one. It had all of the features I was looking for for the price I could afford. I have also cleaned the barrel twice when I started to get fliers here and there. I use the Napier pull thru and the supplied patches. I bought the rifle from AOA. Good service.

When I asked to buy one, I was initially heartbroken when I learned they were out of production due to slow sales. Jarred went back and dug one out of their warehouse and called me right back to make the sale. I think he has a 177 version still as of two weeks ago. If you want one, you should call them. Great guns, great stock design and just plain fun to shoot. 

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.