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I’ve had both the FX Royale 500 and the HM1000X, each in .25 of course. Both very different guns. Martin is a great guy to talk to and do business with. He’ll go out of his way to help you. In the end however, I did not really enjoy my experience with the RAW and sold it (I think I’m in the minority here as most seem to like them). I loved the Royale from the day I bought it to the day I sold it. So much so that I am considering buying another one now that the funds are available. The Royale is the only gun I’ve ever sold and have considered buying another one. Both the Royale and the HM1000X have excellent triggers. I’d even give the edge in the trigger dept to the RAW, but I’m pretty sure the trigger on mine had been adjusted at some point and I never tried to adjust the trigger on the Royale to match the RAW because it was already so good out of the box. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one as both triggers are very adjustable. I never really used the power wheel on the Royale as I never had a shortage of air, but it was nice to know I had the option should I ever need it. I also liked that the Royale was lighter but weight was never a deal breaker for me due to the nature of bench shooting.

I too am a big guy with long arms and I mostly just shoot from a bench. Did a ton of bench shooting with the Royale and always left the bench grinning from ear to ear. I don’t miss the Raw at all. PM me if you want some more info on my experiences between the two.