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Hey Stinky O…let me offer my 2 cents worth.  Good questions and here’s what I will offer, IMHO.  Eagle vision mount is the kind…I’ve tried Orion, Seben and would suggest spending the extra bucks.  Depending on what your time is worth, it may be worth trying to duplicate their system if you are connected with the camera industry.  For me…NO!  I’d rather be shooting/videoing than driving store to store and placing component orders.  My Exlim 400 works nice and I don’t exactly no how the model numbers apply to quality or features but like a good scope, spend as much as you can afford.  As the Eagle Vision mount is proprietary to the Exlims and Hawke scope combination, I suggest going this route, as you are guaranteed a great working system and ease of setup.  The objective lens sizes you mention, I think have no bearing on the Hawke thread-on feature, for the ocular lens.  I believe all sidewinders will work.  Keep in mind as stated earlier in the thread, you will unlikely use any setting greater than 240 fps…the bigger factor over resolution being the available light through the scope.  It isn’t the same as videoing a butterfly in flight in the bright sun.  Camera Memory…most cameras are dependent on the size SD card you use…shouldn’t need anything over 16 g.  There pretty cheap.