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Well stated ajshoots.  And this is a hunting forum category, though that is due to the graphic nature of the kills, not the content of all posts. It does take some common sense to understand that point.  I have seen comments by some that say shooting insects isn’t hunting. I don’t think the original poster
(? If that’s a word) necessarily claimed it was. Its kind of the only category here that it would logically fit in. Something died doesn’t always mean hunting, but you know not to look in a hunting category if you don’t want to see something die. I do understand that pest control could not be efficient without baiting. I therefore don’t fault anyone for eliminating pests by that method. Some of the YouTube videos that clearly state THIS IS PEST CONTROL are eliminating an invasive, non-native species that is taking over the niche of a native species. That could only be done effectively in the baiting method they use. It is in no way hunting or a sporting chance for the animal, and it is not meant to be.  The fact that they have millions of viewers is because of the extreme precision they use. And as we all know, that doesn’t come cheap.  
No one complains over a rat or cockroach being eliminated, but squirrels are kind of cute. My state allows baiting of whitetail deer. I don’t hunt them over bait. I don’t find that challenging at all. I don’t mind baiting to eliminate squirrels AROUND my home and I do thoroughly enjoy the method and precision of taking them that pcp’s allow. I also asked my local police department if it was ok first. The answer? Have at it. 😬