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Firstly, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that any scope on a magnum springer such as a Diana 350 would develop problems. I wouldn’t offer a warranty on any scope used on such a rifle. For me, with rifle chambers/pistons/structure suited to high power, 22-24ftIb is about the maximum power level (assuming rifle internals are tuned correctly) that I would consider it safe to put a scope upon; for long term use.

Straightshooters list scopes they are prepared to sell onto customers using high recoiling air rifles, and that even they recognise there are differences within brand are individual model (and likely batches of models). I remember that the Youtuber “Tiborasaurus Rex” did a review of a SWFA scope and specifically referred to the problems of high recoiling air rifles and the FN SLR. Some of their scopes cost $300-$400 USD. I haven’t used the SWFA myself, but their reputation is very good.

Scopes are very complex/technical, and are expensive to produce to high standards…..especially to cope with double recoiling air rifles. We get such scopes as Hawke’s at budget prices because they sacrifice on quality/standards of the top end manufacturers. My experience is that Hawke have a high percentage of faults. If you get the Hawke replaced then keep it on the PCP and it should be fine. Not that I would presently recommend Hawke scopes, but if you want a practical/cheap solution for the Diana that always gives you a working scope, and Hawke still offer a lifetime warranty where you live, then buy two cheap scopes for the Diana and assuming one is damaged from recoil you can use the second while you’re waiting for a replacement to the first.