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Eight for me as well, and that’s too dang many ūüėČ

.50 Shinsung Dragon Slayer  w/ MTC Genesis 5-20X50
.25 Kalibrgun Cricket Carbine  w/ Hawke Sidewinder 5-32X56
.22 FX Royale 400  w/ BSA Tactical 6-24X44
.22 Evanix Blizzard  w/ Falcon T50 10-50X60
.22 Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine  w/ Leapers 4-16 X44
.177 Air Arms S500  w/ Mamba Lite 4-16X44
.177 Gen 1 Benjamin Marauder w/ Leapers 3-12 X44
.177 Benjamin Discovery  w/ Leapers 3-12 X44

The three I will probably never part with are the Cricket, the FX, and the S500
The other five I can loan to friends in hopes of adding more folks to our addiction?
So far I have added one local buddy to the addiction and he went out and bought a .177 Daystate MK4¬† Love it….lord I would love to add one of those to the collection but can’t justify it right now ūüėČ
I want a custom RAW in .22 cal or maybe a Thomas set up for benchrest?