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I own and use regularly the Webley Alecto Ultra in .177. I mounted the Hawke Red Dot , non-magnifying sight on it. I am able to put pellet on pellet out to twenty yards, using my shooting sticks for a rest. It digests just about any .177 pellet and does exceptionally well with a select few. For general plinking, on re-settable metal targets at twenty five yards, I use the CPHP 10.3 gr. For metallic Silhouette 1/10 size targets set to standard distances(ten, twelve, fifteen and eighteen yards) my gun prefers the H&N Field target Trophy 8.7 gr. All shooting is done with three pumps and I have not encountered a problem pinching any part of my hands. I did have to remove the shelf on the grip as it would not accommodate my large hands. I also adjusted the trigger to fit my finger with both length of pull and cant on the trigger blade. The open sights, by the way, were terrific! By flipping the front blade up, I was able to hold dead on at twenty five yards. With the sight in the down position, the ten yard zero was perfect. Although the gun does not generate a lot of muzzle energy, I have been able to regularly make head shots on starlings , grackles and house sparrows at forty-four yards. I give this weapon an A+.