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After I sift out all the polymer tips and junk I have been storing it away.  I shoot round balls out of my muzzle loader and have the mold for it.  Just haven’t worked my way through my supply of purchased round balls yet and don’t get a lot of opportunities to cook down lead.  But I’ve got it and I’m sure that it will work well for round balls (pure lead).  Cast bullets need to be hardened a little and probably need tin added while round balls can just go right to work.  If you don’t shoot powder burners then there is probably someone who will take it from you.  Once you get enough of it in a couple coffee cans or something I would put it on Craigslist or find a shooters forum for local pick up.  I’ve seen people on YouTube that mold their own pellets but I think that it would be hard to make pellets that shoot well without some precise equipment and a lot more work than what it is worth to buy in bulk from a store.