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LDM I have a Contour super 6 and love it, I also had one of the Contour single shot models but had that stolen from my home earlier this year. I really like the Brococks, for the price they are a very nice little gun and I do mean little, they are so light you could almost shoot them like a pistol using one hand. For a hunter having to tote a gun around with him   they are great, the only problem is the small number of shots per fill, so you would have to make every shot count. Not having a gauge does not really bother me, just another thing to go wrong, lol. Mine is super quiet with one of my LDC’s on it, it came with a Hugget that the previous owner paid a small fortune for, he wanted it back which I had no problem with since mine was quieter and easy for me to make. I am sure you will like the gun, I love mine and wanted to replace the stolen one, only this time I went with the slightly larger model, Neil.