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guod123Chris here’s a cheap idea for you and they work fantastic. Get these parts from Lowes. 1/2″  T, end cap, Street 90’s, 45’s, and regular 90’s these are all PVC. you will also need several feet. take the T cut some 1 1/4″ pieces. Insert and glue into the T , add end cap glue. insert the two street 90’s with the  flat  bend upward and get the fittings at a 45. I then cant them outward for about a 15 degree angle. insert 2 more 1 1/4″ pieces add the 90 degree elbows put in two 9-11″ top with 3/4″ crutch caps. to attach to your gun take about 8 turns of electrical tape on the T end add a 30 mm weaver/picatinney ring attach to your gun. Sorry I’m spastic with computer stuff, but I made about 4 different variations on these so far. using the method I described you can create like a preyhimantis  leg that protrudes to the front and offers great support. Using these home made bipods I’m blasting flies off Fluke skins at 25 yards with a .25 cricket. I don’t wound them, (miss a few bad pellets lol) It stabilizes that and other guns nicely. I made the first one 32″ tall I used the T then 45’s to another set of 45’s with about a15″ span then I added T’s as a stretcher and legs to length.That combo was used in a knock down PVC blind. The big one has about 10 bucks in parts. canting them outward makes them pretty stable,  IMHO better than a 23″ Caldwell,and there is no movement in the smaller sizes

Can I see a picture of them?