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“travels4fun”I was going to say it sounds like the brass transfer port is out of alignment which is an easy fix.

  1. Remove front cheek rest.
  2. Remove the rear most set screw (see picture):
  3. Once set screw is removed, look inside the screw hole and make sure the brass indentation is perfectly centered in the hole. You should be able to twist the barrel gently to align it (see picture):
  4. Finally, check that the magazine can still be inserted as it’s possible the barrel could have been moved slightly too far towards the breach (see picture):

Hope that helps.


That’s what I did and the problem is solved. I do not think it is the fault of the manufacturer. Rather it is my fault. I tried to disassemble shroud and then guess the barrel rotates. Thanks travels4fun. This will be useful to others like me.