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I am as guilty as anybody when it comes to getting caught up in forum drama or industry drama. Hell, it can be somewhat entertaining. Sometimes we all get a case of negativity due to forum politics. Forums are a great place for information, but a greater place for pot stirring and BS to surface. I am learning to treat all forums as entertainment with the possibility of learning something new or sharing and helping others. We all can survive and continue airgunning without ANY forum!! We all need to remember that. If things get to bad for someone on a forum, they should leave. Its that simple. This is not life. The forums are not life. Airgun forums are a hobby within a hobby and should be treated as such. Again, I am guilty of getting wrapped up in forum drama, but we all have to remember that this forum or any for that matter really doesn’t matter!! Taking things with a grain of salt and having a better understanding of how the industry works (whether you like it or not) would probably help all of us!!