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Thanks for the review Matt.

I’ve owned both the Cricket and the Colibri.

The Cricket was built like a tank and I had no issues with it.  On the con-side, I thought the synthetic stock was too heavy and wayyyy too bulky.  As for carrying 4 magazines in the stock…well that was the first thing I removed…LOL

As for the Colibri, what a light weight and well balanced gun, great trigger and extremely accurate.  And the mid-gun cocking handle is easy and smooth to operate.  This is a ‘love at first sight gun’.
On the con-side, I had blow-back and indexing issues.  Steve at WWAG had me send the gun to Ernest.  Not sure what all he did, but it’s been months now and NO issues and the Colibri is a delight to shoot…  Maybe Kalibrigun needs to contact Ernest for updates on the gun…LOL