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Aj3 I very much agree with you!
I have at this moment 12 airguns. 5 of these are PCP (Steyr hunter 5 / Daystate air ranger 50 / AA Ultimate sporter / FX Bobcat / FX Wildcat). On preorder now, the FX Impact in all the calibers.
My problem now Is exactly your point.  How to maintain and shoot them all. And I kind of feel the pressure from all that air pressured rifles waiting for me to take them to the range……..  .
So I have to do something about this situation, and take my numbers of PCP`s down.   But which rifle to go, when I have a personally connection to all of them!!
I think this is a dilemma many of you out there is struggling with also.
My problem is that the interest for airguns in my country is very limited.  It is burners that counts, so the “used market” is not a realistic option.  Bitfrost and ledlobber may disagree, but this is the situation in my part of the country anyway. (Westernmost point of Norway).