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Not a professional, nor overly experienced in the air gun genre but I purchased my NP2 in .22 around a month ago. It is about 6-700 shots in now and settling down nicely. I bought the package deal on PyramidAir and then upgraded the optics. I have yet to find the pellet it likes but this is only due to time constraints. It has gotten much quieter and the accuracy is improving as well. The stock trigger leaves something to be desired, but after some adjustments, it is “liveable” as earlier stated. I am getting .75″ groups out to 40yds with the PolyMags and Crow Magnums. The Crossman Premiers are just a hair larger, with the occasional flyer thrown in for good measure. I have ordered some sample packs now and am hoping to find something it really likes. I am sure that the groups will shrink further as I go along and get used to the gun.
As for hunting, I have taken a few squirrels already out to 30yds, sounds like a freight train hitting them, and a couple crows who were stealing my lab’s food. Overall, I have been pleased with the purchase completely. It is not on the same level as some of the pricey rigs I have seen in the forums, but I was not out to buy a pricey rig either. At this point in the game, I am about $400 into it and completely happy. Hope this helps!