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Charger is pretty new, but most (if not all) of the old Np’s had a hole drilled in the top of the receiver for a “stop pin,” which threads down through the rear scope ring, and helps keep the scope from walking due to recoil. Does your gun have that? Also, check your rings for the stop screw. A lot of Crosman stock rings are not stop screw equipped (at least, none of the ones my rifles came with were). My scopes didn’t stop moving until I added one of the dove tail to weaver mounts or one piece mount to the rifle. The UTG dovetail to weaver mount has 10 degrees of droop compensation, stop screws built in, and would utilize the UTG weaver rings you already have. You have to grind on the rear of the mount a bit to allow it to mount back far enough for the stop screw, but it eliminates scope walk.