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Yeah, it’s the Gamo Bull Whisperer Bone Collector Edition, a Gas/Nitro Piston air rifle: and the place I purchased it:

So maybe the gun is just now being worked in? That’s great news if that is the case! I’m still using the stock scope which always tends to shoot up and to the left, need to get an aftermarket. Other than that my aim doesn’t seem to be impaired. I’ve never dry-fired or shot PBA (why in the world would Gamo recommend PBA on ANY of their air rifles?!), and have never cleaned it. Barrel looks smooth, and I’ve never oiled the gun. Lately I’ve been wondering if the gun has been dieseling as the shots have sounded louder than they used to, and there has been a strange smell after each shot. I don’t think the shots have been going hyper-sonic though; been using Gamo Rockets and 8.2/8.3 grain RWS wadcutter and domed pellets. 

Also been hearing a scraping sound as the piston is pulled back when I cock the gun. Hoping that doesn’t lead to something bad down the road. Purchased the gun refurbished by Air Gun Depot, but I was assured the gun was tested and is fit for shooting.

Thanks for the replies and advice guys, really appreciate it!