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I just received (4) 500 count tins of JSB Exact Jumbo 15,89 grain pellets from Pyramyd Air this afternoon. Having read this post, I inspected each tin and only found a few pellets with skirt damage. They shipped all 4 tins stacked and sandwiched between foam squares with cutouts for the tins. In my opinion,tThey have the best pellet shipping packaging in the industry.

The one thing that struck me as being odd was that each tin was sealed with red tape which I haven’t seen in a long time. Also, each tin had the old style grocery labels on the bottoms showing the head size of 5.52. Typically, JSB pellets from PA have the generic bar code labels shown below:

The tins I received all had the older grocery store type sticker like the following:

I haven’t had a chance to shoot any of these pellets yet and will report back if they shoot abnormally.