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Another little tool i like to use is the Plano 3640 Waterproof Guide boxes. Trick is when I open them up, I take a few of what I need and then either close all 3 sides, or if I am going to be shooting out of the box, I will close 1 latch and set a few on the surface of the lid as my staging spot. 

  • 5-20 adjustable compartments

Depending on caliber and quantity, this size

And when I want something for woods walking to keep in a small pack/ bag ->

I store all my tins of pellets in these. I remove (not install) the 2 dividers normally.  ->

I take some left over foam from my pelican cases and cut to size to stop them from rattling around and damaging the skirts.  Or just take what I want and put it in a tin with foam for the day. The containers just make short work of the sorting and organization. I then use a Lablemaker and put the appropriate weight and such on the top of the lid over the respective compartment. Clear label background and black lettering. ////////////////