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I have both, I didn’t purchase the knock-off on purpose. I found a great deal on an original Atlas on amazon, so I bought one. After sending the person an email asking for them to ship USPS as it would have gotten to me much quicker, I received an email from him in very broken english. I became very worried that I had been taken for a ride and I was right. I got the fake one that comes in a brown cardboard box, unassembled, with a little card. I was very upset that I spent 240. for a fake. 
So, I called Amazon and filed a claim, got a full refund from Amazon, as the seller would not respond to me, and got that seller removed from Amazon. 
I also called Accushot and told them about the counterfeit seller on amazon. I then proceeded to drive down to my local tactical gun shop, and purchased a real Atlas.
Now, for the comparison between the two, There isn’t one! The Atlas is made better, smoother operation, pan and tilt actually work, and the components are solid. The knock off, after I assembled it, it was gritty not smooth at all, no tilt at all, it pans 360 degrees, if you lock it down but pan left it unscrews the lock. one leg is so tight you cannot move it with one hand and the other leg has no tension at all, if the pin wasn’t there it would swing back and forth.
I used to be on the wagon about this subject but decided against the knock off, I was forced into it, but it all worked out in my favor as I got to keep the knock off because the seller would respond to me.
I understand that these are airguns and we don’t have to defend our lives with them, and if you are only going to put it on a table or level ground it will probably work just fine, but I use mine and shoot from wherever I am, whatever terrain. The original Atlas is a superb piece of equipment and though it is a lot more money, it is well worth it. I love mine and wouldn’t have any other!