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I went to several dive shops in the DFW area and they all told me the same thing – there is some DOT regulation that prevents the dive shops from filling to 4500 psi.  So they all said to try the paintball shops.  Sure enough, the paintball shops in the area will fill to 4500 psi “on a good day” because their tank charge tops out at 4500 psi, but drains down to 3800 psi during the day when people are filling their paintball guns.  The compressor kicks on at 3800 and refills to 4500.  So I have to call ahead and ask them to check the tank pressure before driving out to fill a 4500 psi tank.  None of the paintball shops water cool the tank while filling, so you either leave it with them to top off or you sit around and wait and top it off yourself.  Filling charge was $20 for all I checked.  Forgot to ask if there would be a discount if only filling from 3000 to 4500 psi.