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Nomadic Pirate

“ajshoots”Manny, I am glad you made this post and not me!! LOL!! Seriously, with the current popularity of the bullpup, any comments against them is like telling someone they have an ugly wife. You have spent real world time with the platform and it doesn’t work for you. No one can say you didn’t try and no one knows what you need but you!!

I bought a cricket awhile back and found that though it was very accurate and carried well, I just could not warm up to the bullpup platform. I also don’t care for AR’s and airforce guns due solely to the scope height and cheek weld. For me it is all about feel and guns with high scopes don’t feel right. For me its more about the stock. I have a Prod carbine that I really like, but the AR butt stock forced me to mount the scope high and I don’t like the cheek weld no matter what I do but its better than the carbine stock it came with. I think the bullpups are great and I really wish I could have gotten used to the cricket, but what works for one doesn’t work for another. Everything about a pup is appealing and they are a heck of a gun, but I need a traditional rifle stock to be comfortable.

LOL, I knew I was going to get some with this post :) :) …even if I clearly stated It’s strictly a personal decision because my type of hunting ( that in the end is significantly different than the vast majority )

Never was my intention to say that BullPups are bad, just that for me the rifle configuration is more conducive to my needs.

I’ve taken a dozen Hogs with BullPups and a bunch of different game over the years and they work, but ever since I made that folding stock Carbine I’ve seen the light :) :)