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I don’t know whether there is any truth in that source but….

1. JSB have always had people knocking them. There has always been quality issues, serious and not so, yet people still buy them because if they get a good batch then they are normally unbeatable.

2. The UK market has:

  • A wholesaler, REFUSING to hold an inventory of the full range, that is obviously slapping on a margin before they get to stores.
  • Some companies rebranding JSB pellets and slapping on a large margin.
  • Some stores buying JSB pellets directly, or at most from “Germany”, which cuts out the cost of a UK distributor and therefore allows cheap prices to customers. These companies will purchase anything that customers want (familiar story here?!)

The overall effect of these is that UK customers are buying from stores/online sources who buy direct and can sell at nearly half the price of most stores who purchase through the official route.

3. Given the quantity of UK sales of JSB pellets, I cannot conceive that such issues would cause the JSB manufacturing company to run into problems. I can imagine financial difficulties from the decrease in value of the Euro against the USD/other currencies. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the UK Wholesaler is threatening to look elsewhere if they don’t get better prices, because they are ignorant/stupid enough to both believe that many shooters will accept other pellets and that there is another JSB.