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“plinker”frambonian- I’m envious of your FX. I’m hoping to add one to my arsenal, but still debating Bobcat MKII, wildcat or impact in .25. Shopping for one is almost as fun as shooting them!

I can’t say enough about the Bobcat MKII .25…..but have not shot the Wildcat or Impact to compare.  Heck man… are deadly accurate with your current rig!  I am super impressed by your shooting.

What is your typical distance range with the Marauder?  I can close to getting one of those last year and waited (and saved and saved and saved) for the Bobcat instead.  I still see a Marauder in my future.  Gotta get one!

I was just getting ready to put up a post on starling feeder tips and tricks.  I have a LOT in my “neighborhood” (I am out in the country surrounded by farmers) but rarely see any on my property.  I would like to lure some of those black devils into my sights.