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Okay Craig, Zach, and PlanB, I finally got around to joining you guys. Here’s my entry to the 30 yard “Wannabe like Manabe” challenge. I’m shooting my  .22 cal. FX 400 non-regulated.  The pellets used were JSB 18.1 gr with a 5.53MM head diameter. Scoped with a cheap BSA 6-24X44 scope on 24 power.
The weather didn’t want to cooperate as usual. Windy enough to blow my darn umbrella over a time or two. Finally took it down and stowed it away.

I can’t hang with you guys, but maybe it will give some of the other shooters reason to step up to the plate and say hell yeah, I can whoop that! LOL!

70 shots at 1/4 inch bulls