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MEC17670 – I like you’re approach and I think I will adopt a hybrid version of that – culling then spay neutering the few left. There are so many here that the constant fighting and mating racket got old long ago. I read a neutered feral will keep other colonies/cats at bay and a few can be domesticated with time. At least if they are fed regularly then the local wildlife will bounce back – I hope. We have 2 cats of our own, both adopted at kittens, One a feral and one a stray so I am very sympathetic to cats. Ironically the feral male that sired our kittie is public enemy no. 1 with us! Thanks for being the voice of reason though. 

Yrrah – cheers for the tips. Two tins of Polymags on order :D Always sad to hear of any invasive species causing havoc……. There are native cat species here so I would think the wildlife to be more resilient but the situation here in the resort is so out of hand I have to do something. On a side note, Lizards and iguanas are rare and there’s a lot less of certain types of bird than elsewhere I have lived. Still I haven’t seen a single rat or mouse which is a plus…. 

Thanks for all the other comments. Good stuff. Maybe I should organize a Nica feral cat hunt with Scoty and the rest of you! I haven’t seen anyone else into airguns in these parts.