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Oh yes the choke fouling… Im glad you mentioned it.. my R3 is real bad for it to the point that I have to clean it with a bronze bore brush in the choked section just to get it clean.. 
I have tried re-sizing larger pellets down to the 5.49mm with both a head sizing die and also one that does the skirts as well, but both methods were unsuccessful for reasons I cant explain. The 5.52 pellets sizes down to 5.49mm spiraled just as wildly as a 5.52mm right out of tin. I can only put that down to the amount of lead that contacts the bore as it goes through the “crush” zone of the choke. 
Interestingly my .22cal  P12 had no choke and by no means a “quality” made barrel but it was the least pellet fussy barrels Ive tested.. it shoots the Jsbs 16gr and 18gr of all head sizes (even mixed) into tiny little single hole groups at 50 meters. If it had the same twist rate as my R3 Id be willing to bet it would out shoot it all the way to 100m too.. however it does not so the pellets loose the needed rotational speed to perform to the best of the 16-18grs JSB pellets potential at 100 meters.

Until I owned this unchoked .22 P12 I would have said a PCP barrel has to have a choke to get the best accuracy but now Im not so sure. I think there are far more unmentioned variables that come into it and I am still on the fence as to which barrel has the most accuracy potential.
I see Lothar Walther offer both choked and non-choked airgun barrel blanks though so maybe there are different niche’s for both?