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When I’m not hunting ground squirrels, Starlings fill the gap nicely.  When they’re migrating through the South Bay Area, plenty of them show up around my back yard as they are attracted to the cat food I put out for my outdoor cats.  

Seated on a Caldwell shooting table at my 50-yard backyard range, I can swivel around to easily target 3 fence lines where they love to “stage” before making a run at the cat food.  Starting at 5:48 in a backyard shooting video I made a few years ago, you’ll see 4 Starlings taken (in graphic slow motion) in the span of about 10 minutes.  The rifle used was my .22 Daystate Airwolf (recently sold) shooting JSB 18.1s at ~ 935 fps.  This clip always amazes me how much impact concussion 35 ft-lbs can deliver on a starling!