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I was at this same dilemma like 6 months ago. I wanted an air rifle for the ability to shoot in my back yard so I was going to get the marauder. After finding out that my nearest fill station was completely across town I was a little disappointed since I couldn’t afford a big tank and would need to fill up often. I then began to look at 22lr because I thought that other than being able to shoot in my yard the 22lr did everything else better. I finally ended up buying a CZ 455 varmint in the walnut laminate thumb hole stock and I love it. I bought 710 fps cci and it is really quiet and still has lots of knock down. I shoot out to 100 yards like nothing and just ordered some eley subsonic ammo to reach out even farther with good accuracy. 

Every situation is different but in my case the 22lr was the better choice for my budget and needs. I still have my Benjamin trail to shoot in the backyard when I want so I have the best of both worlds I guess. I am saving my money for my dream airgun the daystate wolverine B high lite but that will be a long time. Good luck on your purchase hope my experience helps.