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UPDATE: I totally forgot that the Regulator kit includes a spare valve return spring (slightly stronger than the factory one). This is necessary because the gun is now operating at a lower pressure, so the valve/hammer needs to be rebalanced. Lower pressure means that the valve doesn’t close as quickly as it should and air is wasted.

Spring on the left is the factory spring. Spring on the right comes with the Lane reg.

The Yellow line shows results once the new spring is fitted. Interestingly, I don’t get any more shots than with the factory spring (blue line). What is interesting is the slight increase in velocity as the cylinder pressure drops. There is a reason for this: As you take the shot, the regulator works extremely quickly to replace the air that was used. At a higher pressure, this air is replaced faster which means the valve closes faster. This can be sorted out quite easily by fitting a “collar” over the intake hole of the reg to reduce its size – This will slow down the fill speed of the regulated air chamber and ensure that the valve closes the same each time a shot is taken.

I shot a group at 50 Meters (55 Yards) with the reg installed. This is 13mm CTC, well under half an inch. I am pretty happy with the results. Now I just need to persuade Air Arms to regulate their rifles as standard:)