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“NCairgunner”KYAirgunner,  what glass are you planning on?  I have a Daystate Regal in .22. I put a Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10 ffp. It is short and light. Fits the Regal to a tee. I’m trying to decide on a bullpup. I want a. 25 in the 45-50 fpe range. It has to be short and light. Then figure out a scope that fits the rifles intended use.

I’m planning on using the gun for hunting long range and woods walking. The only scope’s i have available to me write now are a leapers 3-12 mildot and a Simmons whitetail 6.5-20X50 these are not scopes of choice but just what i have but i would like to be able to put a hawke sidewinder or a SWFA SS 3-15X42.