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“TonyT”That is almost a bargain priced Daystate. 
Previously the steel bottle version without Huggett was listed for $2598. The Huggett was an additional 375 and a fiber bottle was also an additional 350.

Oddly enough, I opted to have the carbon bottle swapped out for an aluminum 500cc.  With this gun, I wanted the extra weight.  It is a benchrest specialist with a “super sniper” look to it.  No one buys this thing to walk through the woods ;).  So, since I KNOW that I will be married to a table every time I shoot it, I actually would prefer it to be heavier.  I also would love to have it in an Airwolf tactical (black, soft-touch) stock, but it is only available in walnut.  

If it isn’t too late, I’ll swap you my 500cc bottle off my Air Wolf Tactical for the carbon fiber bottle off your Extreme. I’ll even throw in $75. If AOA hasn’t shipped it yet, I can even drive down there and have them swap it out. Just let me know.