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I am new to airguns but I belong to many forums some are better than others I have also served as a moderator and that is not a fun job trying to make adults act like adults. Tearing people down does not make anyone look better. I am glad you weed out negative people. Just remember they will sneak back as new members so it will be an ongoing battle. I do not know you Ted and know nothing of past situations and don’t care. I hate bickering I a lot of times will weigh in when things go sideways and post something like nothing was said and try and get the subject back on point. I am here to share and learn and I like the community you are building.

I belong to many forums and try and use the same name Gundog but sometimes the name is taken so I change it to Gundawg Etc. I do not hide behind a moniker I want folks to know who I am in case they share some of my other interests.