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“Beach-gunner”Leo,  I purchased my 25 cal from Tony at Talon Tunes (talon  I got mine during the shipment that arrived in June.  When I started looking at them back in March there were  4 distributors marketing them: Topgun, Talon Tunes, precision Airguns and Wild West Airguns.  I’m sure they will also be selling when a new shipment comes in….I’m hearing that the price will be different…but who really knows.  As for me I found Tony to be more attentive to my buying needs.  As this is my first and only PCP and I didn’t want to buy some project that I would be working on all the time.  Tony told me that he does not ship a gun without testing it first because he dosent want to have to deal with quality issues either…. Ie he wants to stand behind what he is selling so nothing leave his store without testing.  That was very appealing to me!  The others were basically non-responsive for a 3 day period while I was calling them.  Anyhow the gun came to me from Tony with a 26 shot string from his Chrony, it was tested to make sure no air leaked out of gun.  He sighted it in at 30 yds and sent me the 8 shot ragged hole card board.  When the gun came to me, I open the box, the scope was mounted in UTG quick release scope rings, I mounted onto the rail went outside and shot a .5 inch CTC hole with 10 shots!  Needless to say I’m very satisfied with my Vulcan 25 because it is a quality gun, but Tony was a big part of making sure the gun would be ready for use when I got it.  FYI, I’m a country boy born, raised and still living in Alabama.  An avid hunter for past 35 years and have taken much game with Fire arms.

over and out
Beach-gunner (Dennis)

I’m just reading this now, i just purchased the last .25 Vulcan Talon Tunes had abought 20 minutes ago :). This is my first high end PCP air rifle i am upgrading from a Discovery. So i’m hoping that i will be supriesd by the difference. I am glad to hear that Tony runs the gun through its paces i did not know that, also glad you like yours hope i will be the same way. Sounds like your story is about the same as mine, born country and live in the country and have takin quite a few things with powder burners.
Leo :)