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I will agree with ajshoots that Practice is Key.  I will also elaborate on what he means.
If you are new to shooting, or have been doing it a long time being familiar with your rifle set-up is key and all come down to repeatability.

Hold your rifle front and back the same way every time.  By that I mean make sure your front hand/bag/sticks are at the place on the stock with the same amount of pressure every time.

The same goes for how your trigger hand holds onto the grip, and finger is placed on the trigger with a consistent pressure and pull.

Hold the butt to your shoulder in the same place with the same pressure every time.

Ensure that your cheek weld is the same so your eye lines up with the scope the same every time.

I’m sure I left something out but these are the basics of shooting that a lot, and I mean a lot of people have either never been taught or forget.  This often leads to guns being thought of as inconsistent, and different pellets/round being thought of as not right for the rifle/pistol.

Repeatable consistency will help you to determine if there is something wrong with your gun or round and practice as often as possible will help you with this considerably.

On a personal note after having elbow surgery my off hand shooting and trigger pull in general was terrible.  It’s been a year and half since and after spending the last two months practicing my offhand(not just pulling the trigger but foot position, hip placement, shoulder set, elbow placement and my forward hand position, arm/elbow placement of my trigger arm, grip and trigger finger placement) it is finally starting to improve. By no means is it were I was before hand(no pun) but it’s getting better because of Practice.