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“ajshoots”Shooting will find the right pellet and I believe that sort of falls under practice. You might have missed the real point of the post?

Finding the right pellet was just a cheap example and by no means the point of the post!!
You didn’t strike a nerve with me. I appreciate your post and agree that PRACTICE is the only way to gain proficiency. I also agree with your post which is quoted above. Finding the right pellet was a poor example. Please do not make this personal. I stated my opinion and everyone who wishes to disagree is free to do so. I fear that your example about choosing the best pellet may serve to dissuade beginners from asking what is a valid question.┬áThe information I posted is not new or unknown. This methodology is used by many competitors, including a gentleman who has won 35 state championships in 4 states. I shall comment no more concerning this subject. Thanks