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I have had some experience dealing with AoA for issues under warranty, they are very helpful.

The couple issues I had with my .30 cal were all with the air tube. So a couple of things:

Make sure you have some pressure inside the tube before removing it. The manual recommends that as well. Otherwise the end cap which connects the main body of the gun and the air tube itself might get loose and start leaking.

The pressure gauge on the air tube (not the regulator) is quite flimsy, be careful when removing the tube or the gauge for whatever reason.

Lastly, most leaks are caused by o-ring issues or contamination around the threads. Get a list of o-ring sizes from FX and buy some spares just in case. is a good place with a very extensive offering of o-rings. I found it difficult to get metric sized o-rings (which is what FX uses, along with the rest of the world…) in the states, and this site has all you can ask for.