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“led_lobber86”im pretty shure the hw90 has the theoben gasram system that lets you adjust the power and thereby the force needed to coch the gun :)


That’s correct, it has the Theoben Gas Ram System and you can adjust the power if you have the right tools. This is a quote from Guy who is another HW90 owner: “It would be really nice to be able to obtain the proper pump or even just the valve adapter from PA, instead of trying to locate what I need through European websites. As of right now, I have no idea how much pressure is in my gas piston and no way of adjusting it on my own.” Can you imagine adjusting your PCP with no idea what the pressure is and no way of recharging it ? The HW90 is sold as a magnum powered, gas ram air rifle and it is. If you reduce the cocking force you loose power at the muzzle and I bought the HW90 specifically for that power. This is not a fun gun, it is an excellent hunting gun. You can hide or stalk the quarry for hours with no worries about the gun being cocked for such a long period of time.