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Ask yourself this. How would you feel if someone took money out of your pocket by doing your job for a lot less, and was doing it more as a hobby than as a real job?  Better yet, ask your family what they would  think.

I do not believe anyone can fault a person for helping out friends or family gratis.  Likewise, it is hard to fault an entrepreneur who pays the costs (fees, permits, workers comp, liability insurance, etc.) of a real business; and who also pays his or her fair share of local, county, state and federal taxes.

Too bad there is no market for rat, crow, invasive dove, or other carcasses.  I’d actually pay farmers and dairymen a fee of a few cents each if there were.

Wait a minute  What about exotic pet owners? Would they pay for frozen snake treats. Do zoos have a need? What about alligator or cat fish farmers? Perhaps carcasses could be used as a new compost “fortifier” to differentiate a commercial product from all the others? Let’s get real crazy and ask if carcasses be used as a replacement for a current fracking additive so the industry can start to go “green”. Then there is bio-fuel…………

Here’s a question for Ted.  What about research labs that need to keep nasty little critters – rather than dogs or cats or bunny rabbits –  alive for research purposes?

Perhaps talking carcasses is counter productive.  If so, would artisnal chefs be willing to pay a retainer to procure a steady source of free range dove breasts (invasive species only of course) humanely taken under a one shot/one kill protocol, and could it be done in accordance with Department of Agriculture rules?  

If only I had some contacts in the above industries.

I wonder how long it would take to go public? 

Enough spit balling.

Best wishes.

The other Mark B.