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146 yards witnessed kill on a ground squirrel using a .22 Cal. Greg Davis tuned Marauder.It took 2 shots only because I used the wrong

I bought this gun from AstroMan , and was a shooter. GD put a LW barrel on the gun helping the accuracy quite a bit. I later sold it to fund my purchase of my .22 cal. Hw100 FSB thumbhole stock . After try to shoot some non-lead ammo out of it , I sent the gun to AZ where he installed a STB and one of is LDC’s. The gun is more accurate than most shooters including myself on bad days. So far, 95 yards is the best for this gun.

Springer class  .22 cal. R1 full V-Mach kit . Californian ground squirrel , 108 yards. Dead still wind day. One shot one kill !