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On the note of being on topic. I have a buddy who was an exterminator. He was licensed through a company and had a company vehicle and all. He would do side jobs for people out on farms and such using his .177 Beeman Trail NP XL Work would end for him at around 3-4pm and traffic to get back home could take 2hrs for a 15-30min drive with local traffic. 

He would pick up some of these side jobs and charge $50 per hour to be on the property shooting pests. But would cap it at 200-250 depending if he was there doing an overnight rat hunt. 

Working 7 days a week, he would bring in an extra 1k ‘off the books’ on these farms and large property’s. He did this off and on for about a year in total, then the stress of dealing with ‘pests’ on the daily professionally and in his free time got to him and he changed professions. 

I have not charged people. I like as mentioned, “opening up the property for hunting season” – Deer on some of these properties are considered ‘pests’ when they start destroying all the corn. 

* I have accepted gas money from time to time. People would need me out there in a hurry and offered to compensate my fuel if I could get there in on their schedule.Some times it was also them asking if I could run to town and bring various groceries or hardware store items with me for them that they were unable to get out of the house in a timely fashion to do. (Running errands) Lots of times, people bring out a hot meal, cold beverages, and good conversation when meal times hit.