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In 22 I shoot an FX400 and in 25 an Airwolf and a Cricket. I studiously avoided the Ajrwolf for some time because of my prejudice against electronic components. Then I shot an Airwolf and the rest is history – I am impressed by it’s accuracy, shot count, and trigger. Mine is equipped with a Huggett so one only hears the slap of the hammer and the pellet hitting the target. The only minus is the weight which is currently being corrected by installing a carbon fiber bottle.

The FX400 with it’s very reproducible three position velocity adjustment and light weight is my favorite air rifle – I only wish it had a more effective moderator. While it’s trigger is not as sophisticated as that of the Airwolf it is very crisp and adjustable.

I purchased my 25 Cricket in order to get a bit more oomph since the Airwolf is 43 ft lb at high power and 28 on low power while the Cricket  provides ca 50-55 ft lb. I agree with Ted that an Airwolf in 25 with 55+ ft lb on high would be ideal. I believe Daystate will launch such a product on their Wolverine electronic platform in the future. They stated that during one taped interview with Ted at a UK show a few years ago. If I remember correctly, they stated that the current power level is maxed out in the 25 Airwolf and that increased power will come with a new electronic platform based on the Wolverine action.