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My gen2 Marauder 25 is sighted I. At 140 yards to dissuade geese from crapping on the dock.  All it takes is one pellet hitting the metal dock for the geese to leave. I can hit a 2 in diameter post ca one third of the time that distance from shooting sticks. On the bench that Marauder will group eight shots within two inches and never more than three inches.

One has to remeber that with airguns using pellets the trajectory above ca 75 yards is akin to lobbing artillery shells irrespective of caliber. In my very limited experience, range estimation will contribute more to vertical dispersion than the wind will to horizontal dispersion unless you are in real gusty conditions.

In addition to the Marauder I have two more 25’s, an Airwolf and a Cricket. They will produce somewhat smaller groups at 100 yards, have higher shot count, as well as other features. The Marauder in 25 provides real value in terms of performance per $.