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I think its all perspective:  When everyone was having this discussion .177 vs .22 it was always about more power on target and bucking the wind.  Then came the .22 vs the .25 the reasons were exactly the same power and wind, now .25 vs .30 and you will hear the same thing power and wind.  The future discussion will look the same again (my perdiction) .30 vs  .357 (a.k.a 9mm).   So question how far are you looking to shoot?  what is you’re intend target/how much power is needed?  Then I would add learn to adjust for the wind with practice (because we all miss) and what ever caliber you get, practice and hone you’re skills so that you can stay within an inch of whatever you are shooting at.  Ted said in a video .25 cal for house sparrows and starling…….over kill maybe, but most accuracy gun he owned at the moment.  I feel confident shooting the prey i hunt with a .22 out to 112 -115 yards will that range increase if i get a .25?  I just don’t know.  Good luck with whatever you choose.