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Hi Matt

I picked up my Colibri from AGW a couple of weeks ago and I love it.

Here are a few things to check/do (apologies if you already know this):

1. The HST was turned in way too far by whomever fitted the stronger spring. Mine was turned in all the way. Turn it out ’till it is flush or just proud with the receiver body. I get a very consistent 905 fps with the AA 16gr like this.

2. I hear you about the trigger link. Bend the hook where it connects to the lever at the back in slightly so it is just less than 90 deg. Did this on mine and it stays put now.

3. Grease the cocking rod, hammer cocking lever (not the hammer itself) and indexing arm lightly with Moly grease. (It’s well oiled from the factory but a thin oil.) This makes the action much smoother. Coupled with pulling the bolt and letting go so the spring closes the action completely removed misfeeds for me with close to a 1 000 pellets through it by now.